Building industry professionals

Owners of buildings required to complete part 2 of the combustible cladding checklist will need to engage a building industry professional.

A Building Industry professional is defined in the Building Regulation 2006.

Suitably qualified BIP for all building classes Suitably qualified BIP for buildings no more than 3 storeys and less than 2000 metres square in floor area
  • A building certifier (level 1)
  • A building certifier (level 2)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes:
    • Builder - Open
    • Builder Design - Open
    • fire safety professional
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes:
    • Builder - Medium Rise
    • Builder Design - Medium Rise
  • A registered architect
  • A registered engineer in either:
    • civil engineering
    • fire engineering
    • fire safety
    • structural engineering

Building industry professional's process

  • Engagement
    Engaged by a building owner to prepare and sign a building industry professional statement.
  • Provide documentation
    Give the completed building industry statement to the building owner and copy to the:
    - relevant local government
    - QBCC via:
Email Icon ( )
Postal address icon GPO Box 5099 Brisbane QLD 4001
Offices  visit a QBCC office ( ).

This must occur within five (5) business days of the statement being signed. Penalties may apply.

  • Record keeping
    Building industry professionals must keep a copy of the statement for at least 5 years.