Building Industry Professionals

Owners of buildings required to complete part 2 of the combustible cladding checklist will need to engage a building industry professional.

A Building Industry professional is defined in the Building Regulation 2006.

A building industry professional for all classes of buildings is:

  • A building certifier (level 1)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes –
    • Builder open
    • Builder design open
    • Fire safety professional
  • An architect
  • A registered engineer in –
    • Civil engineering
    • Fire engineering
    • Fire safety
    • Structural engineering

For buildings no more than 3 storeys and less than 2000m2 is:

  • A building certifier (level 2)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes –
    • Builder medium rise
    • Builder design medium rise

Building Industry Professional Process

Building Industry Professional Process

Optional Training

CPD Training Course


Developed by the Queensland Government, this training course will provide building industry professional with the specialist knowledge required to understand building fire safety strategy in the event of a fire involving the external wall of a building.


When: Thursday 11 October 2018 - Friday 12 October 2018

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 AM

Location: Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

12 hours CPD


Click here for more information.


Online Training


An online training course has been developed to provide building industry professionals with an understanding of the requirements in part two of the combustible cladding checklist.

This training course will provide:

  • An overview of the legislation and terminology used
  • Buildings that are 'in-scope'
  • The role of Building Industry Professionals in completing part 2 of the combustible cladding checklist
  • How to complete Form 34 Building Industry Professional Statement.



Training Resources


QBCC Combustible Cladding Training Checklist

Building Industry Professional Statement

Building industry professionals will need to prepare and sign a building industry professional statement.

Read the Guideline for assessing buildings with combustible cladding for more information.

A building industry professional must give a copy of the statement within 5 business days after the statement is signed to the following:

  • the building owner
  • the relevant local council
  • QBCC via:
Email Icon [email protected]
Postal address icon GPO Box 5099 Brisbane QLD 4001
Offices  visit a QBCC office.

Building industry professionals must keep a copy of the building industry professional statement for at least 5 years.

Building owners are required to complete the combustible cladding checklist (part 2) by 29 May 2019.

Last updated
18 October 2018