The deadline to complete the Combustible Cladding Checklist without penalty closed on 3 May, 2021.

If you are seeking information about a private building's status in the program, you must contact the building owner or the body corporate.
Due to privacy reasons the QBCC cannot disclose this information.

Who needs to register?

Building owners which meet all the following criteria need to register:

  1. privately owned
  2. class 2 - 9 building
  3. of type A or B construction; and
  4. for which a building development approval was given, after 1 January 1994 but before 1 October 2018, for building work to build the building or to alter the cladding on the building.

What if a building owner lives interstate or overseas?

Owners who live interstate or overseas who have buildings in Queensland that meet all the eligibility criteria need to register and complete the combustible cladding checklist.

NOTE: an agent can be engaged to act on the owner's behalf.

What about body corporate representatives or property managers?

An authorised agent for an owner of a building that meets all the eligibility criteria can register the building and complete the combustible cladding checklist on behalf of an owner.

NOTE: body corporates are considered to be owners if buildings have two or more lots.

What about owners of houses or townhouses?

Owners of a house or townhouse do not need to register.

For more information on how to complete the checklist, please refer to the:

Key dates

1 October 2018

The Regulation comes into effect.

29 March 2019

Register buildings and complete the combustible cladding checklist (part 1).

29 May 2019 31 July 2019

Complete the building industry professional statement and complete the combustible cladding checklist (part 2).

27 August 2019 31 October 2019

Engage fire engineer and register their details on the combustible cladding checklist (part 3).

3 May 2021

Deadline to submit building fire safety risk assessment, fire engineer statement and the combustible cladding checklist (part 3) without penalty.

The deadline to complete the Checklist without penalty is now closed.

Delays or a failure to complete the Checklist and the associated obligations may attract strong penalties, including fines of up to $22,019.25.

1 September 2021

Building Regulation 2006 has been updated for 2021. The Building Regulation 2021 continues Part 4A obligations for building owners and enables a person to be prosecuted for an offence under the expired combustible cladding provisions. See the Background page for more information.